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Posted 29 Apr 2014 in PC Hacks

Hi Guys ! Nowadays FoxHax Team want’s to present you a fantastic Curse Voice Beta Keys Generator . All what you might want to do is quite simple, stick to the guidance placed below and you get your beta key!

Our program – Curse Voice Beta Keys Generator allows you to generate in safe way personal beta key. Our software program have noob friendly interface so everyone can use it, but if you have any issues you may create to us on e-mail or position a question underneath in comment.

With our little help you can get your beta key today and enjoy fantastic software CURSE VOICE !

Download it and enjoy !


Teammate Ult Timers

Teammate communication takes a turn for the better with this aspect of Curse Voice Beta. 5…It’s difficult to keep typing the countdown to your ult 4…. while doing 3…. so many other 2…things. Now you can see exactly when that ult necessary to engage with comes up without having to stop what you’re doing to rely on chat.


Respawn time of Baron and Dragon !


Curse Voice Beta Keys Generator Features

Unlimited Beta Keys
Safe and Secure
100 % working keys !

Curse Voice Beta Keys Generator How to Use

Download software from our website
Unzip downloaded archive
Curse Voice Beta Keys Generator
Enjoy !

Download here



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  1. Ricco (29 Apr 2014, 17:05)

    Wow ! Thanks a lot !

  2. Marcus (29 Apr 2014, 18:23)

    Thanks a lot ! 😀 Free key for me 😀

  3. Patrick (29 Apr 2014, 19:17)

    Great ! Thanks a lot man ! :)

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